About Among Us Arena

Among Us Arena is a fan-made traditional 2D fighting indie game that was developed by indie developer Starcutter. As the name suggests, Among Us Arena uses characters named crewmates from the popular social inference game Among Us. 

In the Among Us Arena, you can find even more besides everything you need in a traditional fighting game like a knife attack, a gun attack, a light attack, and a strong attack.

Among Us Arena, also has three in-game modes, including:

  • Training Mode,
  • Arcade Mode,
  • Multiplayer Mode.

The best feature of the game is playing it as multiplayer. You can play online multiplayer with your friends in your preferred region. OR you can play with your friend as local multiplayer side by side.

There are also 15 selectable characters in the Among Us Arena. But, they don’t have any differences in the features. Basically, you select a color you want to play with and start to fight with others.

Good luck to you beating the imposter…

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